What Happened?

These past few months have been super busy for me. I have been dealing with a family medical issue for a while. Not so easy when my family is literally on the other side of the world, in Finland. But it was necessary for me to go for few weeks. All good, for now.
Thank goodness for my boss who is very understanding. Especially since we went to England as a family in June and just got back! An important trip that was planned earlier in the year. This was the first time for my kids to see my husband’s side of the family there. 
The contrast of these two trips, wow… Hospital and a small town in Finland, Cathedrals, Castles and history in England.

My dad’s small town in the middle of Finland. I am a city girl, where are all the people?? Other than those two waiting for the same bus as me during a cold April morning…


England on the other hand was full of people. We stayed in my husband’s home town Swindon. There are so many places to see within an hour or so drive away. Like Salisbury Cathedral, the famous Stonehenge..



And for those who loved Downton Abbey… A town called Bampton where they filmed the village scenes. The Infamous Mrs Crawley’s house.. Oh and two girls that belong to me!


Now back to reality and hope it will calm down a bit…

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  1. Nice one…

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